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Margarita VTC in Greece

On Thursdays, we connect!

For the last 5 months, each Thursday the Greek team (Elena, Konstantina, Elizabeth, Asimakis and Arianna) of the “Right to Connect” Project meets the Irish team (Tony, Shane, Gary, Alex, Keith, Dean, Patrick and Chloe) online.

The teams cooperate and work together as co-designers of an inclusive platform with accessible content to people with intellectual disabilities.

The tutors, Elli Kafritsa (special education teacher) and Rozmari Kalogeria (psychologist) of the Greek team and Sarah Boland (assistive technology facilitator) of the Irish team work on supporting the teams to explore their creativity and facilitating the learning and sharing experience.

The co-designers share their opinion and exchange thoughts on issues that matter for them. Working as online content creators each week they share their work on creating a course on a topic they are keen on. Some topics are related to technology (e.g. how to connect to Wi-Fi, how to create a YouTube account) and others on hobbies (e.g. how to cook a recipe).

The co-designers learned from each other the importance of preparing a course for people that have limited knowledge on a particular social and digital topic. They make course plans and think of all the necessary steps to guide someone in order to learn a new skill. Content creation is a new skill for most of our co-designers! Creating inclusive courses with step-by-step instructions accompanied with images, screencast videos, screenshots and interactive exercises sound like a whole new world of learning! We move back and forth from upskilling to reskilling to include more people in the society. Thursdays have now become the days of creating material for us with us, and eventually for all including us

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