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Fundación Juan Ciudad in Spain

San Juan de Dios de Valladolid, a centre based in Spain, is developing an intense work within the RTCN (Right to Connect project).

Using Design Thinking methodology, a team of two professionals and six people with disabilities from San Juan de Dios are co-designing (together with other European teams and Hermes Interactiva) a highly accessible e-learning platform. Ten sessions have been held so far, coordinated by Jesús Puente, head of Digital Transformation programs at Fundación Juan Ciudad.

The first part of the work consisted of becoming familiar with the Design Thinking methodology under the premise that “we are a group and we are all equally important”. From there, the foundations of this methodology are laid, which involves six steps: empathy, defining, devising, prototyping, testing and implementation.

During the sessions, barriers that hinder the use of technology have been identified, and the group proposes solutions and prototypes them. At the same time, new vocabulary associated with the use of technology was learned, such as “Insight”, which is the ability to understand something in a very deep way.

As more sessions have been held, the work of finding solutions has progressed. On one occasion, a visit was received from Sarah Gavra from St. John of God in Ireland, which was used to demonstrate different uses of technology and robotics in activities at the center (through virtual reality, Bee bot floor robot, use of tablets and other devices, etc.).

As the Design Thinking method has progressed, prototype proposals have been included to create some objects or to solve actions such as logging into the web. We have also worked on the creation of activities such as puzzles or memori, which allow people with disabilities to work on different skills.

Finally, as part of the project, people with disabilities received six tablets, two laptops and a projector, which made the team very happy and motivates them to continue working for accessibility and thus reduce the digital divide among students.

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