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AIAS Bologna in Italy

AIAS’ team kick-started the development of the co-design processes with a group of super motivated participants in October 2022, and shaped the roadmap for advancing in the co-design of the RTCN platform and materials.

The team has worked on the development of co-design learning materials on digital skills and competences, but not only! Participants also learned on other fundamentals skills as creativity, group work and team building.

The first day of the workshop started with an overview on privacy and consent form, to endure a full comprehension and involvement in the project. Tools have been translated into Easy to read in order to endure their full acknowledge. Moreover, participants, during the following days, were also taken through an overview of the co-design method and the experimented a collective “hand on” experience baking a delicious cake!

AIAS trainees also did Nice to meet you! initiative – a short intro videos to virtually meet other trainees from Austria, Ireland, Spain, Greece.

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