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Active participation in daily life, today, needs a comprehensive understanding of digital tools that we use to make our lives easier. As a society that has largely transitioned to a digital space, it is important to take into account the needs and requirements of people with disabilities to ensure they are not excluded. Right To Connect Now (RTCN) will provide an e-learning platform that will help in achieving the goal of improving social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The platform will be co-designed with people with intellectual disabilities. Spanning from May 2022 to January 2024, the project consists of 10 partners coming from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, Italy and Spain.

Moving forward with the work of the ENTELIS and ENTELIS+ projects, RTCN will largely aim at:

  • The removal of barriers to learning and skills development related with digital accessibility;
  • The development of knowledge and understanding of how-to best support PwID in expressing active citizenship through digital communication;
  • Provide opportunities to PwID to self-advocate and to express themselves on wider societal challenges;


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